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Montana Bike Camping Bucket List

My family loves bikes. We enjoy riding for exercise and recreation, but also to go places. To the park, to the fishing access, to the grocery store, to soccer practice, to work, to school. If you go places by bike, it’s not just about the destination, but much more about the journey getting there. A… Read more »


Family Bike Overnight to Loch Leven

Saturday, March 28th was the official kickoff to trail season. We decided to get the season started right with a bike overnight. But instead of carrying all three children, it was time for the girls to ride independently and carry some of their own gear. It was a last minute plan, haphazardly hatched the night… Read more »

open range commute

Free Range Bicycle Commuting

A few weeks back we had a mid-winter warm spell. With nighttime lows in the 40s and daytime highs in the 60’s, we blissfully welcomed a few 3-season activities into our mid-winter routine. Warm bike rides, playing fetch in the river, we even went on an overnight backpacking trip. During the thaw, a couple of… Read more »


Fat bikes ALLOWED on Forest Service Official Winter Routes

Early this winter, Mark and I purchased some beautiful Surly Ice Cream Trucks from Timber Trails  that we were anxious to hit the trails with. During the first snows of November we rode Mill Creek Trail south of Livingston. That day we ran into Brad Bolte, Law Enforcement Officer for the Custer Gallatin National Forest. He was… Read more »


Tapping deep roots in Montana

More on this soon. Stay tuned…


First family fatbike outing… nearly a complete success!

Our inaugural family fatbiking excursion was up Mill Creek Road, a popular Forest Service skiing and snowmobiling route south of Livingston. A combination of fatbiking, skijoring, sledding and hiking delivered our multiple family group up the road, with a respite of snacks and sunshine. Lesson learned: Seems we tend to get forgetful at the beginning… Read more »


Fattening Up For The Winter In Montana

TFR has gained a few pounds this season with a couple of Surly’s new Ice Cream Trucks. Sporting massive 4.8 inch knobbies and a gearing combination that would make a mountain goat envious, these things are a bundle of smiles… and a heck of a workout! Mainly we have been sticking to town due to… Read more »


Castle Mountain Bike Packin’ Over-Nighter

Last weekend we were feeling a little adventurous and with the absence of our two daughters (off to a family reunion and wedding on the other side of the country) we packed up the mountain touring/commuting rigs and headed for the Castle Mountain range. The Castle Mountains are a short distance east of White Sulphur… Read more »


Seeing Red…. Ants that is.

When we were offered the opportunity to help a good friend and participate in the Red Ants Pants Music Festival this coming July we couldn’t resist the thought of changing everything and returning to one of our favorite places; Montana. The festival is a three day event based just outside of White Sulphur Springs, Montana…. Read more »

Happy kids

National Bike/Walk to School Day 2014

Thanks to Bevin Campbell who organized this fantastic day at Mountain Sage Community School in Fort Collins. Mountain Sage is a charter school, so children don’t necessarily live nearby. To make it work, Bevin staged 6 ‘stations’ in different locations throughout the city where parents could drop off their children with a parent/bike train leader…. Read more »

  • Where did we lose the trail? (Part 2)

    I owe all of you in our adventuring community a big thanks for your encouraging comments from the original post ‘Where did we lose the trail?’. I read over the comments many times and have benefited from the insight and perspective. It reminds me that this modern life can often be a puzzling balance of… Read more »

  • Meeting the bike train coming from north Fort Collins. Hi Arpad!

    Bikepool to school

    Despite Mark’s and my lack of success finding bicycle-commute friendly employment in Fort Collins, the kids are riding their bikes more than ever. This is in part due to a “bikepool” or bicycle train that evolved in our neighborhood. What is a bike train? As defined by Safe Routes to School, it’s a variation on the walking… Read more »

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    The long overdue Islabike review

    There are so many awesome pint-sized outdoor products for kids these days. If I spend more than a few minutes wandering the kids’ section at REI, it’s enough to make me drool. Snowsports, apparel, camping gear, outerwear, footwear, you name it. The adult version is just downsized for a kiddo. So why isn’t the same… Read more »

  • Clara expressing displeasure with the bumpy dirt road

    Where did we lose the trail?

    Mark here, husband, father and contributor of I have to apologize for the lack of recent content on my part. It has been too long since I have contributed to this site but I admit that I have been struggling to relate to ‘family adventure by bicycle’ as a philosophy in recent months. There… Read more »

  • IMG_3995

    Spring Forward

    We are FINALLY settled into our own home in Fort Collins. After wandering on bicycles for a summer, reentering the “real world” has proved to be the steepest uphill climb. For the last six months we’ve been pulled in multiple directions. We had to find jobs, move our belongings from Durango, find better jobs, hunt… Read more »