Our inaugural family fatbiking excursion was up Mill Creek Road, a popular Forest Service skiing and snowmobiling route south of Livingston.

Two bikes, two sleds, three stoked kids

Two bikes, two sleds, three stoked kids

A combination of fatbiking, skijoring, sledding and hiking delivered our multiple family group up the road, with a respite of snacks and sunshine.

Dog Power!

Dog Power! Compliments of our friends Meryl & Palen & their pooch Ellie

Lesson learned: Seems we tend to get forgetful at the beginning of each winter season in regards to keeping warm. It is always easy to get hot and sweaty only to stop an activity and become the victim of a sudden temperature shift. In our case all of the three kids got pretty darn cold by the time we had towed them back to the car.

Our son Emmett, donning his mother's jacket in an attempt to warm up: futile.

Our son Emmett, donning his mother’s jacket in an attempt to warm up: futile.

Next time: We’re going to be better armed with some sleeping bags or a blanket, more warm beverages and possibly some HotHands or similar product.

All in all our little experiment was fun and informative. Another huge factor as always is having another great family to share the experience with. Thanks Dale and Hannah!

Now we are working hard and fast to clearly define the many routes and trails that we are allowed operate these bikes on. So far the Forest Service has been super helpful.

"Fun!" he kept squealing.

“Fun!” he kept squealing.

Get out there and have an adventure!

Written by Mark and Erica

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Thanks for sharing! Oh what fun…it is to ride…in a two-wheel narrow sleigh!

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