Pops with kids in tow

TFR has gained a few pounds this season with a couple of Surly’s new Ice Cream Trucks.

Sporting massive 4.8 inch knobbies and a gearing combination that would make a mountain goat envious, these things are a bundle of smiles… and a heck of a workout! Mainly we have been sticking to town due to our recent schedules but we hope to spend more time afield as winter progresses. Urban assault- fat bike style, however, is a pretty good compromise.

Mom & Pop have also been enjoying little late evening fatbike dates around town when a good storm front hits. Makes for a fun way to get some exercise and spend some adult time together.

IMG_9789 IMG_9793 IMG_9820 IMG_9840IMG_9823 IMG_9850

That is all for now. We’re going to try to resume regular bloggage on TheFamilyRide. Get out there and have some fun!

Written by Mark and Erica