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Montana Bike Camping Bucket List

My family loves bikes. We enjoy riding for exercise and recreation, but also to go places. To the park, to the fishing access, to the grocery store, to soccer practice, to work, to school. If you go places by bike, it’s not just about the destination, but much more about the journey getting there. A… Read more »

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Family Bike Overnight to Loch Leven

Saturday, March 28th was the official kickoff to trail season. We decided to get the season started right with a bike overnight. But instead of carrying all three children, it was time for the girls to ride independently and carry some of their own gear. It was a last minute plan, haphazardly hatched the night… Read more »

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Castle Mountain Bike Packin’ Over-Nighter

Last weekend we were feeling a little adventurous and with the absence of our two daughters (off to a family reunion and wedding on the other side of the country) we packed up the mountain touring/commuting rigs and headed for the Castle Mountain range. The Castle Mountains are a short distance east of White Sulphur… Read more »

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Where did we lose the trail?

Mark here, husband, father and contributor of thefamilyride.com. I have to apologize for the lack of recent content on my part. It has been too long since I have contributed to this site but I admit that I have been struggling to relate to ‘family adventure by bicycle’ as a philosophy in recent months. There… Read more »

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Check out TFR in American Bicyclist Magazine!

Are you a member of the League of American Bicyclists? Check us out in the Nov/Dec issue of American Bicyclist Magazine! Not a member? Maybe you should be! Here is the link to the magazine online — Eva and Clara catching air on the cover. Happy December everyone!